Thursday, September 8, 2011


This poem was read at my bereavement group this month.  It touched me and I wanted to share it.
I don't know 'where' I am at in my grief, but I can identify with each stage in some way and I can say I have seen myself moving through and between the stages.  I don't know that I know much about anything anymore, but, I do want to believe I am strong, even though I don't feel it.


In the early days of my grief,
a tear would well up in my eyes,
a lump would form in my throat,
but you would not know-
I would hide it,
And I am strong.

In the middle days of my grief,
I would look ahead and see that wall
that I had attempted to go around
as an ever-present reminder of a wall yet unscaled.
Yet I did not attempt to scale it
for the strong will survive-
And I am strong.

In the later days of my grief,
 I learned to climb over that wall- step by step-
remembering, crying, grieving.
And the tears flowed steadily as
 I painstakingly went over.
The way was long, but I did make it,
For I am strong.

Near the resolution of my grief,
a tear will well up in my eyes,
a lump will form in my throat,
but I will let that tear fall- and you will see it.
Through it you will see that I still hurt and I care,
For I am strong.

Terry Jago

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