Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Moments

I have come to really appreciate the little moments in life.  I would like to say that I have always done this, but, to be honest, I am not sure if that is true.  Now, I am acutely aware of the little moments as they are happening and appreciate them as much as some of big times of my life, like my wedding day.  I suppose the big things in life the milestone and mile markers, are the anchors in ones life and the little moments are the string of events that get you from one milestone to the next.  In life, there are many more little moments than mile stones.  What a pity it would be to waste any of them.

With that being said, recently, I have been blessed enough to have some thing big happening to me and my family.  You may remember some time ago, I wrote about my family portrait never being complete.  At that same time an old classmate was just starting to read my blog.  Call it fate, serendipity, or what have you, it connected me and this classmate.  As it turns out, she is a photographer, and a talented one at that.  She so generously offered to help make my wish of a complete family portrait come true.  Her name is Laurie Arends.  Laurie is not an ordinary photographer, she is an artist.  She specializes in conceptual fine art photography.  This type of photographer is one that tell a story, and is not merely a reflection of faces and objects.  She and I are working together to create, what is becoming a series of family portraits and that will include my dear Gabriella in the most subtle of an meaningful ways, capturing us in the little moments of life.

I will be posting these photographs as they become available. Starting with the one below, titled sharing with sister.  Thank you Laurie!

"Sharing with sister"

More of Laurie's work can be found at her website:  


  1. Laurie, that is beautiful!! I love it!! I love Dominic!!

  2. What an amazing ASJ connection. You two ladies are so inspiring! xoxoxox