Monday, July 18, 2011

"My best Customer"

I spent this weekend in Jersey with my son.  I visited my aunt, her son and another aunt came from Connecticut too.  Well, I enjoyed my time so much. I enjoyed Dominic so much.  My favorite part of the trip were the few hours we spent at Pt. Pleasant. 

My son is a happy kid.  He loves "rides".  He sees them and start, "rides... rides." I didn't know going around in a circle could be so much fun.  I loved it.  He enjoyed his ice cream too.  I can resist to get him a soft serve in a cone.  I think I like watching him eat it more than he actually likes to eat it.  He warms my heart, and I am so aware of my appreciation for him. 

Another great thing was my aunt calling Dominic her, "favorite customer."  He loves to eat and eat he does, especially this particular weekend.  Every time she offered him food, he was a taker.  She affectionately called him 'my best customer'... I loved it... too funny!!!! What a kid.

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  1. This post made me smile. I love my nephew. And my sister too!!