Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Turning Point??

Summer 2011
Life has been looking up.  I have been feeling good.  I am no doubt, in no way, "over" the death of my daughter; nor do I think I ever will be.  You don't get "over" something like that. But, in the past month I have been feeling better and more like myself. 

Summer has been a breathe of fresh air for me and my family.  Thad is done with school, and life is starting to take on a new meaning and routine.  The three of us are a family and we are enjoying our time together.  Keeping busy with lots summer fun, like the beach, splash park, swimming, playing in the yard, gardening, BBQ's and such have made this summer one to remember.  We have plans for more to come too.  A trip to Sesame Place and maybe Florida; a weekend in New Jersey, day trips and more.  I am so happy. 

My son is growing and developing so much, so quickly! He is starting to talk and put words together.  He is getting smarter by the day and I just adore him! My love, my husband and I are reconnecting after 2+ long years of full time school and work, which left little time together, not to mention the business of having babies, in the middle of it all. I am starting to 'take care' of myself too.  Something I have, in my opinion, neglected.  I am even managing to get motivated to get back to work!

I am feeling good.  I am feeling happy and I am feeling hopeful-  All good times, all good signs! I can't say for certain what the turning point was, or what to motivating factor was.  Maybe it was just time, or maybe something struck me subconsciously, but, in any event, I am grateful. 

I would like to leave a quote I found striking with you on a closing note.  I don't think this was a pivotal point for me, but I can say I left a lasting impression on me.  Marie Osmond, was interviewed on Oprah this past year.  She was speaking about the untimely death of her son by his own hand.  One think she said, among many that struck me was, "if you live in what if's, you stop living."  Wow, what a powerful statement, and so true- food for thought.  I chose to live!

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