Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Angel For An Angel

This weekend a dear friend to one of my aunt's passed away.  She and my aunt were friends for over 40 years.  She was a sweet, kind woman.  She was caring mother and had a strong spirit.  I have fond memories of her and her tender nature.  While I haven't seen her in years, I am certain she will be sorely missed by her friends and family.

As I reflect on her passing, I couldn't help but think, will she take care of Gabriella for me? 
An angel for an angel? I hope so.

It is so sad that bad things happen to good people. Here is a beautiful, righteous woman taken too soon. A devoted mom and wife, and a loyal friend.  She too has been taken too young and without justice.  I am learning death is non discriminating. It is blind to quality of the person and the nature of their spirit. Death is ruthless and without compassionate to the survivors of these souls. And as much as we cry and mourn their passing, I find comfort is my faith of Jesus' promise.  So while I cry and mourn, at the same time I have comfort in knowing my tears are selfish.  I cry for myself and for all of the things out of my control. 

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