Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Dearest Gabriella...

My Dearest Gabriella,

I think of you everyday.  Some days are tough and some are easier, but each day has some emptiness without you in my arms.

I saw a little baby girl the other day at the store. She was almost  3 months old, and of course I thought of you.  I wondered what you would look like at 3 months old and if you grow up while in the arms of the Lord.

Dominic misses you.  Of course he can't tell me that but, I can tell.  He has been out of sorts lately.  People tell me it is his age or because he is teething.  I think it is because he wants to play with his sister and there isn't anything I can do to fill that void for him.

Easter is approaching, and as it does, I am planning for summer.  I bought some beautiful butterflies for your garden yesterday.  I wish I could spoil you in person. 

My love, I will write to you again.   Maybe it will help with the pain and emptiness.

Watch over your brother and know you are loved.

Love Always,

(This letter is an actual note I wrote to Gabriella on a card and plan on leaving at her garden later this weekend.)

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